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26 Jun

Man Card Achieved!

  • *Matt cleaning out his laptop.*
  • Me: Ooh got a few movies eh? What are they?
  • *Reads titles over his shoulder*
  • Me: Confessions of a Shopaholic? Gilmore Girls? >_>
  • Matt: ...
  • Me: So Uh...
  • Matt: ... Yes?
  • Me: Are you gonna...
  • Matt: Gonna what?
  • Me: Gonna regain your man card by deleting those?
  • *Tickle fight ensues*
  • Matt: Yes that is exactly what I'm doing.
08 Jun

God Damn Apple.

  • * Chillin in the computer room. Matt is playing Diablo 3 and I'm trying to update my iPod. Which my iPod is a 3rd generation and kinda old so he teases me about the fact that his is shiny and new.*
  • Me: OMG Piece of crap download faster.
  • Matt: *clickclickclick*
  • Me: I need to get this damn thing a walker.
  • Matt: ?
  • Me: Because it's old.
  • Matt: Oh
  • Me: We should make this room into an Apple museum for all the old products you still own. *snicker*
  • Matt: *Stare* Haha. Very funny.
  • Me: You have all the iPods though. :3
  • Matt: Actually I'm missing two.
  • Me: You could mount them on the wall in that cute plexi glass box I gave you.
  • Matt: ...
  • Me: Our own little Apple museum. :D
  • Mat: ... You're ridiculous.